About Our Founder

Sweet mocha: Founder/president


Felisha Green was born and raised in Shiro, Texas a small town that had a population of 140 at the time of her upbringing.  Due to her small-town childhood, Felisha  aka Sweet Mocha move to Houston, Texas to explore the opportunities the big city could bring.  Over the year, Sweet Mocha has been a mother, wife, aunt, friend, mentor, cousin, Christian, community servant and wanted to add something else to her list.

After reaching her Golden-Age, Sweet Mocha decided to try something new.  She purchased  a motorcycle and was up for the challenge of new experiences.  Her love for riding fostered into a new relationship.   Sweet Mocha realized that not many women rode and decided to bring awareness to riding by creating her own all-female motorcycle organization called Steel Heels. Women Motorcycle Club.   Sweet Mocha is passionately committed to motivating, inspiring and encouraging other female bikers.  She is dedicated to supporting and uplifting the biker community and the general public to continue to do good works for mankind.

As the founder of Steel Heels Women Motorcycle Club and Steel Heels Alluring Ladies Social Club, Sweet Mocha believes her ministry provides an opportunity to bond in friendship, good fellowship and share God’s love for all walks of life.   Steel Heels currently have chapters in Houston and Dallas.   Steel Heels Alluring Ladies Social Club currently has chapters in  Houston, Dallas and Grambling, Louisiana.   Steel Heels is uniquely structured because if you are a non-rider, you are welcome to participate in the social club.   The two clubs’ motto is “Making Hard Look Easy while Setting Standards.”  The Steel Heels have donated coats to local charities during their annual coat drive, scholarships to student in colleges in and surrounding Texas, assistance to families during the hurricanes and many other charitable organizations.

Nothing drives Sweet Mocha more than teaching other females how to tame their Iron.  Her two sons and one daughter who also rides are her biggest fans.   Sweet Mocha now has proud bikers who mentor others to add to her list of accomplishments.

Houston Executive Board

Queen: Vice-President


"Like a Queen on her Throne, I am regally empowered when I straddle “Royalty”, my Yamaha Raider. My Life is composed of many beautiful facets! Apart from being a Lady of Grace on 2’s, I am a devoted Wife, Mother, and Friend; yet also known as a force of competition on the Softball fields and Volleyball courts! I feel blessed to be a Steel Heels, especially through our philanthropic commitment of sharing our Gifts of time, talent and treasure." 

Black Pearl: Business Mgr


"I embrace my true beauty as THE BLACK PEARL--cultivated in rare conditions and full of mystique. I am a proud native Houstonian, Real Estate Broker, Certified CHL Instructor, and an ‘ORIGINAL’ Steel Heel. While living overseas for almost 20 years, I began the journey of becoming a Lady Biker. I purchased my “Precious”, a HD XL 1200 Sportster in 1999, and she has since been my faithful companion! When I am not travelling to exotic destinations (so far, over 32 countries), enjoying fine wines, exploring International cuisines, and embracing different cultures; you'll find me spending time with my two sons, three grandsons, and beloved family dog Ebony Sophia. I look forward to meeting new personalities and continuing longstanding relationships....But first you have to catch me, if you can! "

Goodie: Master SGT@Arms


"I named my cruiser Butta because I have been know to slide into formation like melting butter. I am loyal, tenacious, and I try to be fair in every situation. I have an undeniable love for my family! The ladies of Steel Heels have become an extension of my family, and I value our time together. When I am not attending school or working, I enjoy knitting, crocheting, reading, and exploring my creativity by taking on do-it-yourself projects; which allow me to relieve any stress acquired from my busy schedule." 

Blaq cherri: mst SGt@Arms


"I am full of humor (laughter enlightens the heart), I am outgoing (I adapt to you), and I am articulate (smart, wise, and non-judgmental). People who know me best would say I love God, family, friends, and life. I am an Engineering Designer by trade (piping, electrical, and architecture), but I also love to write poetry, draw, and design. When I am not working or caring for my family, I enjoy riding my bike named Bam Bam (that's how I pound the pavement), sports officiating, horseback riding, playing dominoes, and volunteering for kids. I absolutely love being a Steel Heel and a Sargent at Arms. I admire the pose and grace possessed by my Steel Nation Family, and this is a phenomenal sisterhood which I am grateful to be a part of.  As I Stated Before when I first was interviewed by the Board until Now ”I was Looking For STEEL HEELS... When Steel Heels was Looking For ME ".

Blasian beauty: Secretary


“I love being a part of an organization with women from all backgrounds that have a common interest (VroomVroom).  I have affectionately named my bike Shmunie. When I am not riding ,I enjoy working in my craft room and creating new things. I can be described as a real Asian with a Kimchi temper, busy as a busy bee, and dedicated.  My hidden skill is I am a bad ass with a pair of chop sticks. I love my family, I have a sense of humor, & I live my life in my own way, enjoying all the bumps & curves life has given me!” 


Houston Officers

caramel: Director of opS


"I am a mother of two teenagers and a small business owner. I enjoy being a member of an all female, African-American biker association; made up of professional women on cruisers.  We empower women and truly strive to make a difference in the community. I named my bike Casper the Friendly Ghost, so be on the lookout for me cruising the scene in my leather jacket.  In the words of our Prez, We Make Hard Look Easy."



"I enjoy riding my cruiser named Traveling Grace. I am strong-minded, outgoing, and compassionate. I am a retired Army veteran, and an expert shot with a firearm. I am also an experienced tractor-trailer driver. I have a passion for traveling, spending time with my grandchildren, and video production and editing. I love being a part of the Steel Heels because we as sisters empower one another and support our community by participating in community events such as Breast Cancer Awareness,  the mentorship of young ladies, and of course our rides; where we make hard look easy."  

eveready: Road captain


" My Indian Roadmaster’s name is "Mistah", which in various cultures, translates to respect and camaraderie. I am an advocate for Lady Riders who truly embrace the importance of cultivating their UNIQUE SHADOWS on the road; shadows that excite and awaken the Soul transitioning from the ordinary and mundane...to extraordinary and epic! No Destination. No Excuses!"

Ginger: Asst Business Mgr


"I ride a Harley Street Bob by the name of Harley Quinn!! I am married to my Soul Mate ,King, of Ten Toes Down. God saw fit to Bless me with three awesome kids,Dominique 27, Christopher 25, and BriAnna 24! I am a protector, a leader, and loving person. I love traveling with my family, cooking, and playing sports. I live my life according to Ginger.   Some of my favorite things is the color purple, Prince and Disney World!! What I love most about my Steel Heels Family is that we are all different and how we help our community. " 

Gorgeous Ladi: Road captain


"I ride a Can-Am named Ms. Cognac. If I chose three words to describe me, I would describe myself as outgoing, loving, and caring. I want to be remembered as a woman who always kept a smile on her face. Most people don't know that I am a hair stylist and interior designer, and in addition to riding my bike, I love to dance. I also love being a part of the Steel Heels because the ladies in this organization truly personify class and integrity."



"My love for motorcycles began at an early age, and I can thank my parents (Queen and Smooth) for introducing me to a way of life that is not just a hobby but a therapeutic means to living life to the fullest. Just like my name "Khandi", I enjoy the sweetest moments of life. I am loyal, laid back, caring, and I love being a devoted member of Steel Heels WMC.  When I am not working or relaxing with my family and friends, I enjoy hanging with my Steel Heels sisters and riding my Can-Am Spyder, who I have named Black Saint.  As a member of Steel Heels WMC, I have had the pleasure of experiencing true sisterhood, passion, and values that we all share collectively; all while being from very diverse backgrounds. We are sisters who are connected by our love for one another and our community. Our mantra is true, "When you see one, you see all", and making hard look easy is just what we do! "



"I ride a Kawasaki Cruiser called Black Beauty. Some of my most noticeable attributes are my transparency, my caring nature, and my desire to give back to the community. I want to be remembered as someone who truly cared about other people. When I am not cruising the scene on Black Beauty, I enjoy writing poetry, reading, and exploring new things." 



“I ride a Yamaha Stryker named King and a Can-Am Spyder Limited named  
Fantôme . I am honest, straight-forward, and analytical. I am also a stage III cancer survivor, who wants to be remember as someone who beat the odds through determination, perseverance, and God’s grace and mercy. I enjoy high-end shopping, traveling outside of the United States, and learning new things. As a member of the Steel Heels WMC, I love the club’s authenticity, core values, and the presence of sisterhood. We are well respected in the motorcycle community, which is predominately occupied by men. Our earned respect has afforded the us the opportunity to set the standards on how to be a force of nature within the motorcycle set without losing our identity, class, or self-respect; which is what I admire most about the Steel Heels WMC. We Make Hard Look Easy!” 



" I ride a Can-Am I have named Crush. I'd like to be remembered as a person that did her part to help the community. My mission is to have a positive impact on society. I want to leave my mark! I describe myself as caring, giving, and lovable. Most people don't know that I am pretty handy with a jigsaw.  When I am not riding, I enjoy traveling, trying new foods and restaurants, and cross-stitching. What I love most about the Steel Heels is our community service involvement and the passion the women have for the club." 



"I am a very loving, strong-minded, and outgoing young lady. I am a mother 3 beautiful children whom are the loves of my life. Midnight Thunder, is the name of my cruiser, a Honda Interstate VT1300. When riding him, I enjoy the wind therapy which relaxes and sets my mind free. I am a math skills specialist who loves enhancing the math skills of students and teachers. I love being a part of Steel Heels WMC. We are a group of ladies from different professional backgrounds and personalities who come together as one personifying class, allowing us to "Make Hard Look Easy."" 



"Don’t let the tip on my heels fool you, because the knowledge I’m about to drop will school you. When I climb on My Goldwing, My Boy-Toy, My Betty, I leave you with no doubt. The open road is our playground. That is where we be rolling out. 

I am a Registered Nurse by Trade. I glide the Streets by choice. Listen, do you hear that sound, oh that’s just  Stiletto’s “My Boy Toy” and I'm laying it down. When I am not saving lives or pushing that RV. You will find me chilling with My Hubby or  getting my Goldwing Therapy. "



"When I’m working my 9-5, you may see me pass you by on my 2019 Street Glide named”Lil Boss”.  I’m a mother, wife, and glamorous nana.  I enjoy long early morning rides with my husband.  The ladies of Steel Heels are such a joy to be with.  With grace and poise, the ladies of The Nation provide food, love and serve the community with commitment like no other.  We show young ladies everyday it’s ok to be strong, beautiful and educated.  Steel Heels give back continually. We rider harder than most and continue to grow stronger daily in our walk and roles as leaders.   It’s true, “we make hard look easy."  



"I'm a native of  Durham, North Carolina who's immediate family consist of 4 but my extended family is every bit of a small nation. I moved to Houston in 1998 to pursue a career with the airline industry. I am an International Flight Attendant who loves her job. I love traveling, tasting different cuisine and empowering families with financial wealth.  My love for motorcycles began when I took my first ride at 12 years old with my cousin (Charles) on his "Harley".  It was love at first ride. I was a backseat rider until 2009....that's when the real  "girl power" began. I got my motorcycle license and was gifted with my first motorcycle, a Honda Sabre. I now own a Suzuki m109r named Lex. We are a perfect pair......"Making Hard Look Easy!" " 





Houston Members







Mz. Bougie


 “Heaven” is what they call her... My 1200 Harley Davidson Sportster, which satisfies me fine! Her statue is short like me, but she rides tall on “Any Given Sunday”!  I am a single “who loves to mingle” mother of an adult son. Professionally, I am a Home Economics Teacher for Aldine ISD. When I’m not riding, I’m singing with my church choir, hitting up those keys on the piano/organ, trail-riding, cooking, decorating,  shopping, attending sorority meetings and serving the community of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., or just curled up on the couch with my favorite glass of wine while watching one of my favorite reality TV shows. I'm delighted to be a member of Steel Heels. I love the fact we support each other, we love each other and we embrace each other because “we make hard look easy”! " 

Mz Hershey





"Paying homage to my Daddy and my late husband, for they are both with me in spirit as I ride, I've name my Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic Deluxe, "Junior". I was an original member of Steel Heels Alluring Ladies SC, but now  I roll  the throttle and ride with the WMC, I tend to be a "Quiet" observer until I'm not, I am a worker bee that doesn't want the spotlight, and I love helping others. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and adventures, reading, and all types of music. Steel Heels has allowed me to do more for  the community with a group of caring women committed to the same goals: riding, giving, and empowering.  I want to be remember as a life-enhancer that strives to make everyone I meet smile." 



"Born and bred in South Bend, Indiana;I am a home care provider and a mother of 4. I enjoy riding my 2011 Yamaha Vstar named Solo. I love being a mother and giving back to the community. I love being a part of Steel Heels because we are a force to be reckoned with. Whether we are pounding the pavement or being mothers, wives, or, sisters, we are setting the standards on a daily basis; all while making hard look easy! IT'S A NATION!"